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ASC: Advocacy

ASC provides advocacy support for individuals and groups when it is needed.

Helpline 020 8686 0066

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is taking action to help you to:

  • Have your voice heard on issues that are important to you
  • And safeguard your rights
  • Have your views and wishes considered when decisions are being made about your life
  • Express your views and concerns
  • Access independent information and services
  • Explore your choices and options

Issue Based Advocacy

We offer independent and impartial Advocacy that is specifically ‘issue-based’; when a client has a particular issue or matter that they require help to resolve.

Financial Advocacy

We provide specialist money advice, information, guidance and where necessary, provide practical assistance and support on a range of issues relating to finances including debt, money management, and benefits advice.

Group Advocacy

We can support groups of people to advocate for themselves, where required.

What Advocacy is not?

It is not legal advice. We do not influence your decision. We cannot guarantee outcomes.

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